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1. For ballet or modern dance, use a little more foundation than in the basic makeup, but in the same color. On Caucasian skins a soft, pale gray eye shadow gives a good effect without looking bright and over-colored. Danker skins look good with a little lilac shadow. To keep it from being rubbed off, use cream eye shadow and powder it well. On a large stage, add a little shimmer to enlarge the eyes. 2. For dancing the eyes need more emphasis. Draw a top eye line as well as a bottom one with cake or liquid eyeliner, making sure the color matches the hair. Draw a fine line along the lash roots and extend it at the outer corner of the eye without letting it turn up. Mascara the lashes and define the eyebrows. 3. The blusher position for dance shows off the cheekbones, using a paler pink or peach. Very small girls should have their rouge I the natural position. The lipstick should give clear definition to the lips, but only use red on a really big stage, or it looks precocious on young girls. This picture also gives a good view of the eye makeup.

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